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How to be famous on Youtube

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A lot of people want to be famous on Youtube because youtube personalities can to work for a living only uploading videos every day or every week. Youtube raises money from the ads. The most popular youtubers can earn part of the money collected by the partner program. For example, Livie uploaded a video that became viral and she earned £100,000. In addition, youtubers are admired around the world. In this post there are a list of 10 most popular youtubers. They have milions of subscribers.

What is the key for be famous and get money in Youtube? What is the key for be famous and get money in Youtube? There are millions of videos and creators on the web but not all are famous or rich. According to Entrepreneur, there are 10 common reasons why the most youtube videos are not popular:

  • They are boring.
  • The content is not original.
  • They are not designed to its target audience.
  • They are too long.
  • The content does not take advantage of the visual aspect. People do not watch Youtube for listening.
  • The content is not perceived like valuable information.
  • The video has a non descriptive title and the tags associated are not appropriate.
  • The videos is not promoted after it is published on YouTube.
  • The video receives “dislikes” or inappropriate comments.
  •  The author of the video has a negative reputation online.

Then, if we want to be admired on Youtube, we have to record a short video, about a interesting topic. It has to be very visual and appropiately promoted by, for example, social networks. Some interesting topics are videogames (some guys and girls uploaded their plays and they are considered gurus), tutorials, parodies from tv series, etc.

Wikihow shows some advices about making good videos. You have to collaborate with other youtube users, make your youtube channel more attractive visually, tag correctly your clips ant talk with your viewers/suscribers.

Youtube allow us to be a journalist, an actor, a musician, whatever we want! We only need a camera (or mobile phone) and be very original and creative!


Autor: Aroha

Estudiante de Comunicación Audiovisual. Adicta a Internet, la tecnología y los videojuegos.


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