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Important issues for a community manager

The community manager job barely exists 5 years ago. It is a new concept of professional of communication. His duty is complex: They have to be a public face of organization, make interesting content to the web, interact with users, and make strategies for improve the audience. How a community manager can learn to do all this? What he or she needs to consider? What are the most common mistakes? Let’s try to to find out!

Firstly, “I want to be a community manager, what I need to study?” It is not necessary but, according to this blog, you need to be some knowledge about marketing and communication. It is a new job and you have to be informed of the latest news about Internet. It is important to have interests in the brand you are representing and investigate about them.


Secondly, there are some issues to considerer. You have to be very accurate in your job:

  • Copyright: It is a common problem in the Internet. Acording to this blog, we have to considerer Third-Party Copyrights (for example: music, songs, videos owned by other people and brands). We can be at risk for copyright infringement.
  • Work and contractual issues: Some community managers work as freelance. This entry says that we always need a contract to work. This confirms that you will get paid for the work.
  • Love your product and company: As this article says, you must be the users’ advocate to know their needs and understand their complaints.
  • Work in your comunicate skills: Remember that you are talking with people. Speak in the 1º person, be kind, respond quickly… these are some principles of community management.

In summary, community management is a new job in the Internet network. This is a very responsible task, you have to stand up for your company and make grow a online community. Sometimes can be a difficult task because there is not a unique manner to do the things. Finally, curiously, there is one day a year dedicated to community manager (the fourth Monday of January).